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About Skin Care

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Want to start the day, right? Or just want to pamper your skin after a long day? 2Ugenics has you covered. Highly moisturizing cleansers that can prevent breakouts, control pigmentations and double up as a makeup remover. Remove impurities on your face with gentle facial cleansers that are suitable for all skin types.
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Prevent skin ageing by reducing exposure to UV rays. Power packed with various skin benefits such as preventing scarring, dark spots and brightening. Rich weightless cream that does not leave face feeling oily after use. 2Ugenics sun care creams are suitable to be used as a makeup base to give that natural dewy glow.
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No matter the time of day, ensure your skin feels nourished round the clock. 2UGenics day cream and night cream are packed with placenta and stem cell that guarantee youthful and unproblematic skin for individuals of all ages.
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Specially formulated to transform your face. Applying generous amounts on the face in the morning prior to makeup can help to prep your face for the day or can be used as a sleep mask at night for brightening, firming and reducing lines on the face. Experience 2Ugenics capsule face masks that are easy to use, rinse free and travel friendly.
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Miniature Set

A skincare set that has all the essentials needed to nourish your skin
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