Private: Suitable Pressure Points To Apply Dr MySalyanie Essential Oils

The use of essential oils to alleviate symptoms of certain conditions has long been used during acupressure massages. This quick and simple do-it-yourself method allows you to achieve the same results as an acupuncture session and all in the comfort of your own home. Just mix 2-3 drops of Dr MySalyanie essential oil with a carrier oil or lotion of your choice and apply the mixture to various acupressure points. Continue reading to find out how to apply each Dr MySalyanie oil at suitable pressure points to achieve maximum benefits.

Dr Bio Sleep

A mixture of 100% pure oils petitgrain, orange, ylang-ylang, and lavender, Dr Bio Sleep’s mainly used to enhance the sleep quality of individuals, especially those suffering from insomnia. Besides that, it has an array of benefits which you can read further here.  Although inhaling the scents that have diffused in your room is sufficient, you may also try applying Dr Bio Sleep to the following pressure areas to promote various specific functions: 

  1. Upper lip: For a well-rested sleep if you feel restless/ suffer from insomnia or helps to reduce breathing difficulty 
  2. From bridge to the tip of the nose and high points of cheeks: To reduce snoring 
  3. Apply to jugular notch (the visible dip between the clavicle) or below jawline: For healthy thyroid function 

Apply at navel area: Reduce bacteria such as spirochete (ie. Helicobacter pylori in intestines) in the body. Improves bowel movement and supports the healthy function of internal organs.

Note: Do note that effects for functions stated in (3) and (4) will not be observed immediately, but over a period of time after consistent usage of this oil

Dr Deep Away

Dr Deep Away combines the scents from 100% pure patchouli, geranium, ylang-ylang, and lavender oil to create an aromatic potion to help ease all your stress away. Highly recommended for those experiencing symptoms related to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and many more. Dr Deep Away can be used in the following areas to boost or alleviate the following conditions:

  1. Apply in circular motion behind the ears or on the temples or on inner wrists: To relieve headache, tension, or migraine. Reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.
  2. Apply around the lips area: To reduce the urge to smoke. 
  3. Apply on the lower abdomen: To reduce cramps/ period pain.
  4. Apply on the lower spine: Can reduce pain for pregnant women when receiving the epidural. 
  5. Apply to sore muscles/joints: To reduce aches and pains due to fatigue/stress.

Dr Balance Detox

Dr Balance Detox is a product that will help detox your body by getting rid of all the harmful toxins and even curb your appetite, allowing you to slim down much easier. Good for those who would like to maintain your body function with the help of natural ingredients such as lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit, and eucalyptus oils. Applying this oil directly to your skin (after dilution) has amazing benefits as well as seen below. 

  1. Apply onto underarm area: To reduce fat below the arms (flabby arms) or fat below the armpit area.
  2. Apply to lower back/ sides of waist: To reduce fat around the waist /“love handles”  
  3. Apply to the saddlebag area: To reduce saddlebag fat. 
  4. Apply on the lower abdomen (3x left to right and vice versa) and from navel outwards: For slimming of this part of the body. 
  5. Apply to inner thighs: To reduce fat around the inner thigh area
  6. Apply in a circular motion to sore muscles/joints: To reduce aches and pains (ie. Shoulders, butterfly wing area, side of the knee, ankle, etc). Gives off the same effect as “counter pain” or “minyak angin”.

Dr Eco Bac

The only oil you need to purify your surrounding air as well as anything and everything that you physically touch. Ensure your world is always germ-free with Dr Eco Bac as it combines the fresh and strong cleansing properties of eucalyptus and peppermint oils. Besides diffusing this oil to cleanse the air or applying it to cleanse items in your home, it  can be used in the following areas to promote the following functions:

  1. Apply underarms or armpit: To kill germs and reduce body odor
  2. Apply to feet or in between toes: To reduce the smell of stinky feet. 
  3. Apply from eyebrow bridge to bridge of the nose: To reduce the urge of smoking.

Disclaimer: Effect may vary depending on the individual. You may increase or decrease the number of drops according to your personal preference. Ensure to mix the pure essential oils with carrier oils or lotions before applying directly to the skin to avoid adverse skin reactions. 

Check out our blog posts for other useful information on essential oils. Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn more about What are Carrier Oils

Do write to us if you have tried our essential oils and let us know your thoughts!

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