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Essential Oil

Dr MySalyanie 100% Pure Essential Oils are produced using BioNexus status technology and were created based on research and development on essential oil and botanical extracts by the Melaka Institute of Biotechnology. Natural essences are also imported from Saudi Arabia and reformulated in Malaysia.

Ongoing scientific research as well as high-quality production technology, ensure that each of Dr MySalyanie's products is produced consistently in its authenticity, quality, and effectiveness.

It is also proceeding in a production facility founded by an Islamic manufacturer that has HALAL, MESTI, ISO 9001:2008, GMP, and BIONexus BIO Economy Malaysia Products certification.

Starter Kit

Time to START your essential oil journey with a 100% pure essential oil Starter Kit.

A suitable kit if you are new to Dr MYSALYANIE oils or just simply do not know which essential oil suits you best.

Why Choose Essential Oil?

100% Essential Oil

Lab Tested Formula

Produced Using Bionexus Status Technology

Let's Hear What Other People Says

Mira Dr Eco Bac

Mira - Menthol sense from Dr Eco Bac make me feel so fresh and clean. no need to drop too much, just a bit will be fine, especially small area. Currently I am using at my car, when you are using car daily, sometimes the smell will mix and will not produce a fresh and clean smell when you enter but with this essential oil, helps me a lot. At least this is one of effort to get fresh and clean air.

Alicia Dr Deep Away

Usually can’t sleep during afternoon, even though I am super tired and always have a lot on my mind. But i allowed the Dr Deep Away essential oil to diffuse in my room, i managed to get a quick nap and feel much refreshed after my power nap.

Jasleen Dr Eco Bac

Dr Eco Bac have strong scent of mint is good for purify air, helps to stop itching on skin and give me a relief effect, calming as well as improve breathing problems.

Afiqah Dr Deep Away

I've tried Dr Deep Away for a week, I feel my mood is much better. It makes me feel much more calm. Stress has also decreased. Most noticeable when using this essential oil is that I do not feel very sleepy.Inhaling the scent throughout the day does not make me feel tired as quickly compared to days that I don't use it.

D’lynn Dr Eco Bac

I was introduced to Dr Eco Bac by a colleague who realize that I tend to have runny nose and sneeze quite often throughout the day, after a few days of testing it out, I am very happy to say that Dr Eco Bac really helped me with my sinus issue! I have stopped having runny nose and sneeze way less throughout the day. It is amazing how a few drops of essential oil can have such a huge impact on my daily life

Yunus Dr Bio Sleep

Ia membantu tidur lebih nyenyak dan memberi kesan menenangkan. Saya mendapati bahavwa kualiti tidur sya bertambah baik. Saya berasa kurang letih sepanjang hari & dapat memberi tumouan yang lebih baik. Secara keseluruhan, minyak pati berperanan lebh baik untuk mengatasi masalah insomnia berbanding teh herba.

Vivian Dr Bio Sleep

Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for the products you have. My mum since I can remember has never been able to sleep through the night. Every night she gets up at least twice, staying up for awhile each time. But when she was using the Dr Bio Sleep, she not only slept well, but was able to sleep for six hours straight!!! I will continue to use it for the good products and will recommend to my surrounding family and friends.

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