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Our Products

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Skin Care

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Essential Oil

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Hair Care

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Services That You Can Enjoy

We speciallise in beauty and wellness products such as skin care, hair care, and essential oils. Our products are specially formulated to help you feel better and look younger.

Free Shipping

For West Malaysia, order a minimum of 2 products to enjoy free delivery.

For East Malaysia , order  a minimum of 3 products to enjoy free delivery. 

100% Cashback

If your order is damaged or incorrect, please contact us for a refund or arrange for a new order.

Product Tips

Please visit the product section to learn more about how to use our products.


Please email us or complete the contact form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Dr. MySalyanie brand was established in 2021. It started with just essential oils and then expanded to skin care and hair care the following year.

Prior to the launch, a lot of research was done to ensure the products can deliver to our customers expectations.

The products are made with good quality ingredients, and does not contain any harmful artificial preservatives or colour.

about our products

Our product is formulated in Germany and manufactured in Malaysia. They are ISO, GMP and Halal certified.


We are a ISO certified company.

We are recognised by the government for producing good quality products.

Our products are certified HALAL.

Let's hear what our customers have to say about our products

Mira Dr Eco Bac

The menthol scent from Dr Eco Bac is fresh and clean. Just a few drops is enough for a small area. I am currently usiing it in my car to reduce the stale odour. When i am driving, the car smells fresh and clean. That makes me feel really good.

Alicia Dr Deep Away

I have trouble sleeping in the afternoon even if i am very tired as my mind is always pre-occupied with a lot of things. After diffusing Dr Deep Away in my room, i am able to get some rest and a short nap. I feel energised and refreshed after the power nap.

Jasleen Dr Eco Bac

Dr Eco Bac's strong mint scent is good for purifying the air. It helps reduce the itchy on skin and calms me down which helps improve my breathing.

Afiqah Dr Deep Away

Aftrer trying Dr Deep Away for a week, my mood improved. I felt that my stress levels decreased and was much calmer. I also felt refreshed and was not easily tired as compared to days that I don't use it.

D’lynn Dr Eco Bac

I was introduced Dr Eco Bac by a colleague because i tend to have runny nose and sneeze quite often throughout the day. After trying Dr Eco Bac for a few days, my sinus issue improved! It is amaizng how a few drops of essential oil can have such a huge impact on my daily life.

Yunus Dr Bio Sleep

Ia membantu tidur lebih nyenyak dan memberi kesan menenangkan. Saya mendapati bahavwa kualiti tidur saya bertambah baik. Saya berasa kurang letih sepanjang hari & dapat memberi tumpuan yang lebih baik. Secara keseluruhan, minyak pati berperanan lebih baik untuk mengatasi masalah insomnia berbanding teh herba.

Vivian Dr Bio Sleep

Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for the products you have. My mum since I can remember has never been able to sleep through the night. Every night she gets up at least twice, staying up for awhile each time. But when she was using the Dr Bio Sleep, she not only slept well, but was able to sleep for six hours straight!!! I will continue to use it for the good products and will recommend to my surrounding family and friends.

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